Sunday, August 22, 2010

The People Have Voted And The Winner Is ..

The time has now arrived for me to reveal the winner of "The Dating Game vs The Fangboys". After the tiring job of calculating all the votes (yep it was strenuous clicking on the Show Results link) I have to say that I wasn't too surprised at the winner. This delicious Fang Boy pretty much dominated the match from the beginning, holding the lead for the last 4 weeks. There was a few times where I thought he'd be given a run for his money and personally, I was kind of hoping for that sexy battle to the finish between him and the runner up. Before I reveal who your choice for "Perfect Date" is, let me show you the results... take it away Polldaddy..

Contestant #1  received 9.5% of the votes
Contestant #2 received  9.5% of the votes
Contestant #3 received 42.9% of the votes
Contestant #4 received 9.5% of the votes
Contestant #5 received 28.6% of the votes 

So the winner of the match with a CLEAR lead is none other than ....

(Still going to make you work for it - click the title for the reveal)

Vance Mangum
from the Of Witches And Warlocks Series

This is the Fang Boy you all voted would be the perfect date and I have to say, being the newcomer to the YA paranormal scene, it's a good indication of just hot he is and how crazed people are going to be over him. For those of you who voted (but more especially for those of you not yet familiar with him) I made sure to grab a quick interview with him shortly after I told him the news. Enjoy :D

The BookishSnob : So Vance, how do you feel about winning, considering you're the new guy around here and you ran against some pretty established YA paranormal hotties?

*grins sardonically before lifting a hand to ruffle briefly through his disheveled hair* "I guess it's pretty cool." *shrug nonchalantly* "I don't know. I've never really been into contests like this before, but if the ladies like me then, hey, it's all good right?"

Can you tell us what your best and worst date were like?

"Hmmmm..." *shoves hands into front pockets while staring off into space for a moment* "Well, my best date has definitely been anything I'm on with Portia. We have had lots of great times together, but I'd say the time we did our binding spell rates real high up on my list. Worse date?" *folds his arms over his chest with a sort of glowering no nonsense look on his face* "I'd rather we didn't get into that."

Is there anything you would warn a woman about, who was getting ready to go on a date with you?

*chuckles quickly, exposing that perfectly dimpled grin and white teeth* "What kind of question is that?" *shakes head slightly and looks down to toe the ground beneath him with his biker boot before replying* "I don't know if it's a warning really, but I guess I would say dating is all about chemistry. If you got it, and I got it, well then...let's get together and make some sparks. Why put off the inevitable?" *he lifts an eyebrow in suggestive amusement*

I think for the safety of the young and impressionable, I won't show you  the rest of the interview because honestly, what's a girl to do when you have a guy like Vance in front of you? Keep asking questions? *blushes*

Anyway, just so you know who the other Fang Boys were, here they are:

Contestant # 1 - Sam Roth from Shiver and Linger
Contestant #2 - Stefan Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries
Contestant #4 - Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga
Contestant #5 AND runner up - Dimitri Belikov from The Vampire Academy series

I encourage you to go back through the match and see how each of the guys responses match them and to read more about them in their books. Each guy is amazing and deserves all the adoration they receive.

So that's it for this match, it's been alot of fun and so until next time - Happy Reading :D

* Signals to Vance to follow her and they disappear into her dressing room. A moment later he opens the door, flips the Do Not Disturb sign and with that cheeky, eyebrow raised grin he's famous for, salutes the audience and closes the door *


LMW said...

Do Not Disturb??? ROFL!! Man Stealer!! haha ;)

Lyndsey said...

The best man won!!

TheBookishSnob said...

Hahaha I was just sampling the merchandise :D