Sunday, August 22, 2010

The People Have Voted And The Winner Is ..

The time has now arrived for me to reveal the winner of "The Dating Game vs The Fangboys". After the tiring job of calculating all the votes (yep it was strenuous clicking on the Show Results link) I have to say that I wasn't too surprised at the winner. This delicious Fang Boy pretty much dominated the match from the beginning, holding the lead for the last 4 weeks. There was a few times where I thought he'd be given a run for his money and personally, I was kind of hoping for that sexy battle to the finish between him and the runner up. Before I reveal who your choice for "Perfect Date" is, let me show you the results... take it away Polldaddy..

Contestant #1  received 9.5% of the votes
Contestant #2 received  9.5% of the votes
Contestant #3 received 42.9% of the votes
Contestant #4 received 9.5% of the votes
Contestant #5 received 28.6% of the votes 

So the winner of the match with a CLEAR lead is none other than ....

(Still going to make you work for it - click the title for the reveal)