Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dating Game vs the Fang Boys

Growing up in Australia we had a TV show called "Perfect Match" which I'm told is very much like the "Dating Game" here in the US. On the show there would be 3 contestants who would sit on opposite sides of a wall and the person looking for the perfect date would ask a series of questions. They wouldn't know who the contestants were and based their choice on how they liked the answers. Finally at the end there was the big reveal and the person was either excited by the person they chose or disappointed. So it got me thinking ... what would it be like to play this game with the yummy guys we find in the paranormal books we love? I've chosen the guys to come from some of my favorite (and I've heard yours as well) YA paranormal books and the only requirement is that they have fangs. This means they could be vampires, werewolves or even demons. So from a random poll of characters, these are the contestants for our own private show - Stefan (from Vampire Diaries), Dimitri (from Vampire Academy), Vance (from Of Witches And Warlocks), Sam (from Shiver) and Jacob (from Twilight Saga). Other than a brief bio, you won't know who each contestant is and at the end of the game, I'll open the voting to you. Once all the votes are in I'll do the big reveal and see which guy we'd most want to go on a date with. Sound fun? Ok let's play The Dating Game (cue the music) ...

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